Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, June 21, 2014

 This is the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. There really is a lot to see in this country, so cancel that planned vacation in Iraq and see what we have here!
 This is what you would get if you hired a plumber to install a water spout.
 This is Sunset Island in Lake Superior in Canada.  Pretty, but a bit tough to walk out there....
 The love for this movie continues unabated worldwide, although I never was a fan. I remember these guard outfits as being sort of unisex.  And the Lion outfit must have been a bear to wear all day.
 My buddy Dennis Schroeder worked at WDMV 540 AM in Pocomoke City MD, where some coworker went a bit wild with the Dymo Label Maker and labelled everything in the studio. Whenever I see something completely labelled, I think of the rock they used as a paperweight.  Its label said "rock."
For those unfamiliar with Baltimore cuisine, say hi to the Lake Trout sandwich.  It's a piece of fish deep-fried in cornmeal or crushed crackers on white bread or a Kaiser roll with hot sauce - but this fish never saw a lake, unless it went on vacation, and it is not a trout. It’s whiting or silver hake. It's delicious, too.

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