Friday, June 13, 2014

Sites for sore souls

It's true that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and I don't know what-all else) can be a giant time waster, rumor- spreader and trouble-stirrer.  Any time you have an hour to spend, just toss out your views on abortion, the president's birthplace, the need for handguns in our society and/or religion, and then sit back and watch the words fly in front of you.  And soon, you will come to realize that you have been friends for a long time with people who think that "per say" is how we spell "per se," and you will shudder because your other friend says someone is coming over to paint the "shudders" on his house.

But there are good things to be found on social media.  By the grace of God, drugs and liquor are not a problem for me. Potatoes and pizza, yes, but not drugs and booze.

There are several sites for people who have kicked those sad addictions, or who want to.  I click on them now and then because I like seeing the affirmation that people can give each other.  They may be strangers, they may never have met, but when a person is in need and posts their difficulty on Facebook, and some other person talks to them, talks them out of using or doing something foolish, then I have to feel that Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates's work has not been in vain!

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