Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, February 8, 2014

 I think this seems like some good words to follow, and if I owned a huge corporation I would make a copy of it was posted in all my branch offices.
 I don't often do this, but this is my own photograph edging its way into the Picture Show.  I was up early as always and the trees were getting glazed. Lovely part of nature, but when tree limbs and power lines come down because of the ice, winter loses a lot of its appeal all of a sudden.
 If I had a choice of one season to live all year long, I'd vote for autumn, and if pressed for a reason why, I'd say, look at this!
I don't know where this was taken; I don't know how often it happens that three locomotives pass through the same three tracks at the same one time. I'm just saying that it takes a lot of training.

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