Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Canadian Bakin'

Having been an equal participant in the firm of Clark and Clark since 1973, and since even before then, a stockholder in the firm of Live and Let Live,  I have to speak out when I hear people like this Ted Cruz fellow, who formerly appeared on TV's "Hee Haw" as the man on the far, far right in this quartet.  

Cruz, a Canadian by birth, is all in a twist because, in America,  people love each other and wish to live together.  I can only assume that somewhere in the Lone Star State dwells a Mrs Cruz, whose life consists of listening to Ted and wishing he were as much fun as the one in the movie.  Instead, he's running up a big laundry bill, mopping the torrent of tears from his teary face with his burlap handkerchiefs . 

I seriously wonder about how it's any of my business who spends their time with whom, so in order to hear how this works, I tuned in one of those rightwing radio stations last Saturday night.  The host mentioned that someone in Kansas is trying to pass Bill 2453, which would segregate people by sexuality, allowing government officials like police officers to deny citizens help and care based on their sexual inclination.

So a same-sex couple is denied service at a hamburger stand...or gas station...or cardiac rescue site.  This is what the Bible teaches?  No.

The host, who is also an attorney, opposed the bill on constitutional and moral grounds, correctly likening it to those sad days in our past when people of non-majority races were denied service at hamburger stands...gas stations...and cardiac rescue sites.  

And you think, well, this is some goof out there.  No one would ever stand up for that sort of nonsense.  So he opened the phone to take calls on the topic, and the bile of society rose within the gullet of America to claim that they didn't "want to be in no diner and have to sit there and watch two men kissin' and all."  And that to be in the same diner, zip code, county or state when two people whose shirts button up on the same side cast admiring glances at each other condemns us all to perdition.  And that, as one learned gentleman queried, "How'm I s'posed to teach my son about what's right and wrong without all them (gay slurs) parading around like they have the right to be queer?"

The discussion became quite contentious, and it made me so sad to see there are still people among us with so much pure hatred in their hearts.  What happened to the dawning of the age of Aquarius, when peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars?

I know I'm beating the same old dead horsehockey here, but I'm still stumped. I guess that's my right.

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