Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, February 1, 2014

 As anyone sitting in Spanish III these days can tell you, "Doritos" is Spanish for "little gold things."  That's what this tasty snack chip is, and we can imagine they'll be gobbled up by the bucketful tomorrow night during The Big Game That Advertisers Cannot Call By Name So They Call The Super Bowl The Big Game XLVIII.  Here's an interesting story about how this little crunchable munchable came to exist in the first place.  Teaser:  how did Disneyland find a use for all their unused tortillas from the taco stand?
 For my friends in the ATL:  click and save on this picture as a reminder of how either a foot of snow or a finger of ice can bring a major American city to its knees.  We all got a reminder of how four-wheel drive can get your SUV through that foot of snow, but a little ice means tough going.
 This is the latest thing in downsized living (look on your newsstand any day now for the new magazine, "Downsized Living").  It's an old unattractive shipping container turned into an attractive tiny tiny that you have to go outside to change your mind.
The English knew that the best way to prevent scurvy was to eat plenty of limes.  Or, if you can't get fresh limes where you are, listening to this song by Harry Nilsson will keep you scurvy-free.  I like the smell of lime and the taste, too. It's sublime.

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