Monday, February 17, 2014


Well, not really, but my iPod is filling up and I want to spend some time clearing out songs I don't want to hear anymore ("Isn't It Time," The Babys) and songs that are in there twice under different names ("S.Y.S.L.J.F.M."  a/k/a/ "The Letter Song" , Joe Tex)  and songs that I have no idea how they got in there ("The Clouds" by The Spacemen, or is it "The Spacemen" by The Clouds?)

But it's like when I find a really great Goodwill store or Salivation Army outlet - I go in there with a plan, and an hour later, I'm browsing like a loon and nothing is done.  Peggy can tell you countless tales of my plans to clean out the garage (not now, when it doubles as a walk-in coolerator for beer and bottles of water) and two hours later,  she finds me rolling an old lacrosse ball that I found off the roof into an old first baseman's mitt that I also found.
A damn fool with his
selfie bobblehead

I love my iPod.  If you could have told me 40 years ago that: a) I could possess a magic box the size of a pack of Chiclets that contained all of my favorite songs to listen to on tiny earbuds  and b) 3-D printer technology would allow any damn fool mortal to create a selfie bobblehead, I would jumped all over the music machine.  I pop it on the melon and take my walk around the neighborhood, vacuum the house, rake the leaves, do whatever without anyone having to hear what I'm listening to.

And that's for the best, because a lot of the songs on there - and as of this typing, there are 1743 songs, which the bottom of the screen assures me would take 3.7 days to listen to - are songs no one else wants to hear. Trust me.

Like I have that kind of free time! Oh wait, I do.  But still, time to weed it out. But don't get mad if it takes me a while.  I bring up the iTunes page and start at the "A"s ("Above and Beyond," two versions of a Wynn Stewart song, by both Wynn himself and by Buck Owens also) and I decide to keep them both.  Not a tough call.  But lookie here!  Right after "Ain't Wasting Time No More" (Allman Brothers) here's "Alabam" by Cowboy Copas, and then "Alabama Jubilee" AND "Alabama Wild Man" by Jerry Reed.  

How many other performers have two songs in here that name the same state in each? I guess I'd better spend the next hour checking into that little matter.

I'll never finish this.  

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