Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, February 15, 2014

 "Clean up on Aisle 6!"  I love how that lady is looking like," I didn't do it!"  We're going to need a lot of sawdust for this oil slick.
 One of my favorite gags has always been to call someone's office when I knew they were not in, so I could leave the message "Arrived in Venice.  Streets flooded.  Please advise."  Can't do it this week; the streets are frozen and that's not as funny.
 Can you beat the look on this little seal's face?  He's looking like someone just told him "No dessert tonight!"
 It sure has been a tough winter here in Baltimore; just the other day we had two feet of snow in some areas around here, and the polar bears had to be fed by the Army, which had set up camp near the zoo. No, just kidding.  This picture was taken in 1950, but as you see, polar bears still dress the same as they did then.
A lady was opening an oyster and found within a rare gold pearl.  Pearls are produced when a piece of sand gets in the ligament between the two sides of the creature.  The oyster is smart enough to cover the sand with nacre, which lines the inside of its shell, to protect itself from the irritating presence of the grain of sand.  And we think animals are dumb.  Have any of us created a substance with which to cover Donald Trump?


Karen V. Poe said...

Great pictures today. I just love the baby seal and I m glad I cannot bring him home because that is something I would try...Have a happy, snowy day!

Mark said...

Thanks, Karen. Your liking my posts means so much to me!