Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cuba Badding

 From the news wire!

NEW ORLEANS, July 31 (Reuters) - New Orleans police issued an arrest warrant for Cuba Gooding Jr on Tuesday after the actor allegedly pushed a bartender twice during a dispute in the city's renowned French Quarter.

New Orleans police said the incident happened early on Tuesday morning at a bar on raucous Bourbon Street. A female bartender told police that Gooding became agitated when customers recognized him and asked him to take photos with them.

Gooding allegedly pushed the bartender when she asked him to calm down. She asked him to leave and he pushed her again, a police statement said.
been arrested bn early afternoon on Tuesday, police spokeswoman Hilal Williams said.

New Orleans police said Tuesday afternoon they were in contact with Gooding's attorney, Peter Toumbekis of New York, who said Gooding is taking necessary actions to address the matter. The attorney told Reuters he would comment on the incident later.

$77,000 tax deduction

At 61, barring some sort of scandal involving me riding through the streets of Towson dressed in full cowboy regalia and shouting "Ya-HOOOOOO!" while riding Mitt Romney's Dancing Horse, it seems quite obvious that I will never be famous, and I am so glad for that.  Famous people like Cuba Gooding, Jr, get paid big-time bucks for acting and what-have-you.  In return for truckloads of money, he and other famous people have to make certain sacrifices.  Among them: it's a good idea to stay away from a place where the public is stirred along with the booze.

Cuba, Jr.
Famous person walks into a bar!  It's a joke opener begging for a punch line.  In this case, Cuba supplied it by (allegedly) shoving the barkeep.  How could he have avoided this sort of bad publicity?  Well, he could have stayed home, or in his hotel room watching Nick at Nite. He could have realized that people get all up in the air when a celebrity is spotted in their midst, and just posed for the pictures and jackpotted a little with the people he expects to shell out about ten semolians to see his movies.  He could have said, "Aww, no thanks, I'm not feeling like a picture tonight, but it's nice to meet you.  What's your name?"

Actually, he had many options, and shoving someone, if indeed that happened, was about the worst of them.

And, he could have learned from his father's records!  His father, Cuba Gooding, Sr, is the main singer for the recording group The Main Ingredient.  They are chiefly remembered for two hit songs, and the titles of both could be woven into Cuba's story from the other morning:

"I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely"


"Everybody Plays The Fool"

No one wants to be lonely, and no one should want to play the fool.  

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