Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just my style

I am not one bit stylish.  Heck, since I retired in March, I think I have only worn long pants three times, and two of those occasions involved visits to funeral homes, where shorts just don't make it.  I am seriously planning to give all but five of my ties to Goodwill, and I see no further wardrobe expansion in the future beyond my daily uniform of cargo pants and polo shirt.  If only I could find ankle length red socks, I'd be in tall clover.

Popped collars on multiple polo shirts, unbuttoned dress shirt buttons, t shirts with a suit, scarves with a suit and no tie or ties unfurled on an open neck (who do you think you are, Boz Scaggs or something?) and straw fedoras with Sting-EE-Brim brims are all fine for people who appear on, or watch, "Big Brother."  I am no more ready to wear that stuff than I am ready to head to Tampa for this week's festivities.

So I pay but faint attention to ads for men's clothes. And this George Zimmer, the face and voice (and former CEO) of Men's Wearhouse, always says that I'm going to like the way I look  - and he guarantees it.  Which is good, because now George is talking about selling you a new style of men's suit: shorter, with shorter arms, and a generally skimpy look all over.  I won't be buying any of them, which pretty much means that I'll like the way I look.

I guarantee it!

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