Monday, August 13, 2012

One or the other

I know this makes me a maverick, a loner, a man of old fashion.  But, it's fashion that I'm thinking of here.

What is this current trend of men wearing full dress suits and leaving the tie at home on the rack? It seems incomplete somehow, like a lettuce and tomato sandwich with no bacon.

No man likes wearing ties,  and doing so is part of a penance that we all pay for some long-ago sin.  A tie cuts off air to the vital neckular area, leading to the heartbreak of neckular rash.  But still, for occasions such as weddings, homegoings, homecomings and supermarket openings, it's the thing to wrap around a man's neck.  We wear ties as adults for the same reason we did as kids:  "You just do!"

 As much as I loved Goober <<<, what if leading politicians started dressing like him?
Once we get this settled, then we can talk about not wearing a suit at all, in favor of a nice pair of cotton slacks, a polo shirt and proper foundation garmentry.  Or jeans, but just not with a suit jacket. That's sort of like syrup on a pizza.

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