Thursday, August 2, 2012

Next topic, please

Now that everyone in the country spent Wednesday eating chicken sandwiches, or not eating chicken sandwiches, or arguing about whether your free speech rights give you the right to say bad things about a whole group of people...I have an idea.

Could we all try to get behind a movement to ignore ignorance?  By which I mean that wacky church group from the midwest that shows up at the funerals of fallen soldiers, police, firefighters and says that God wants them dead because of America's sinfulness.

I'm not going to mention their name, but you know who they are, with their signs and their hateful speech.  Yes, as a free speech advocate I have to support anyone's right to speak their minds.  But there are some minds that just really have spoken all they need to.

It's like George Carlin's idea about gun control: don't try to limit the amount of guns that people can have.  Just limit the amount of bullets they can have, and they can throw their guns at each other all day.  Let this church group show up with their placards and their mean thoughts.  If the TV news and the press and the bloggers would stop talking about them, perhaps they'd start hitting each other over the head with their signs like Moe and no one would even notice.


Bert van Lokhorst said...

A documentary about this extended family was even shown here.
I pitied the children who grow up in such an environment.
But I also wonder what the lives of these people consist of. What balance shows when they are at heavens gate?

Mark said...

good morning, Bert! I have to believe that when hate-filled people pass on, St. Peter sits them down for a long, long talking-to. Especially because they do their work under the cloak of the church.

I also wonder how this sort of inane behavior shapes European attitudes towards us over here...

Bert van Lokhorst said...

To me the US seems poisoned by extremes.The Taliban sometimes look like a reflection of fanatics anywhere.
It is scary to think what the world would look like if the republicans were in full charge.
Things are bad enough as it is.

Mark said...

Bert, you speak for many of us. Good day to you, my friend.