Sunday, May 22, 2011

Perfect Storm

The other day, we had what the sports pages might refer to as a "helluva" thunderstorm in the middle of the night.  BOOM! boomed the thunder and CRACKLE! crackled the lightning.  It was intense! 

And then the lights went out, or, more accurate to say, the night lights and the ceiling fan stopped doing their things.

And Peggy said, "The power went out!"

And, she quoted me the next morning as replying to that by saying, "Damn!"

There was a time that, faced with that information, I would have:
  • jumped out of bed
  • set 14 different wakeup alarms: cell phone, travel alarm, old windup clock
  • gone to the wired phone in the basement or gotten my cell out of my pants pocket and called the electric company
  • set flashlights out every ten feet around the house
  • made a perimeter check of the house to make sure all was well

But instead, here's what I did under my new approach to Fixing Everything That's Wrong In The World:
  • went back to sleep and slept like a pile of railroad ties
And so, in the morning, we awoke on time, gently alerted by the clock radio, with its battery backup.  Sure, I had to reset clocks all over the house, and reset the many digital radios, but one o'clock in the morning is hardly the time to be darting around the house, fussing over everything.  

And I drew this wisdom from the great sage Mr Porter Wagoner, whose teachings include the valuable maxim, "What is to be will be, and what ain't to be, just might happen!"

Let it happen to you!

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