Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Disney Whirled

What was your reaction to the news about bin Laden buying the farm at the hands of US Navy Seals a couple of weeks ago?

A lot of Americans took to the streets in sheer expressions of joyous jubilation, and I think it was only partly attributable to a sense of justice and payback.  A lot of people are glad that he won't have the chance to harm us again, the rat.

A lot of Americans prayed and tried to find a spiritual answer in their souls.  Is what he did a sufficient justification for what we did to him? they asked.  It's still a good question to ponder - if you had the chance to shoot Adolf Hitler in 1939, knowing what he was going to do, and without worrying about getting caught or tried, would you have done it?  Questions like this can keep me up all night.

A few Americans, a minority to be sure but their opinions are to be heard, did not care for this action, and they have the right to their opinion.  I mean it.

But - how come none of my friends or I were smart enough to say "Hey, let's trademark the Navy Seals Team 6 logo and likenesses for sale in merchandise and films, etc!"

That was late Sunday night, May 1, when those brave men went in and did bin Laden in.  Bu Tuesday, the good folks at Disney®, never ones to miss a chance to sell, market, lease or profit, had copyrighted the Seal Team logo with intentions to take advantage of the deal in merchandising "shirts, shoes, hats and feet wear” as well as "action figurines” and “snow globes,” “Christmas ornaments” and “Christmas stockings.” 

This is not to say that Disney® plans to defile the most Christian of holidays with tree decorations depicting Osama getting plugged.  I believe we can expect a movie - get in line to play BHO, Robert Gates, Hillary Clinton and the members of the Seal Team - and Halloween costumes, hoodies, ball caps and even those rear window decals showing a guy in a Navy uniform peeing all over OBL. 

I'm not even saying this is a bad thing - it's a capitalist society, and people have a right to sell (and buy!) what they wish!  But just remember, when you heard that news a couple of weeks ago, you felt a swelling of national pride, and Disney's crack team of lawyers saw a chance to sell you a snuggie.

Uncle Scrooge McDuck just made another vault full of moolah!

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