Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, December 24, 2016

For this week's picture show, I went back to find some of the pictures that we enjoyed the most this year.  This one involved setting up a camera to take a picture of the same place in all four seasons.  I love the far left. 
I can't even paint stuff and like this, and this is not a painting! It's a pile of salt, rearranged to look like a wolf on this dark background.
I think I must have always wanted bunk beds in my childhood room. I'm crazy about the concept of lofts over beds and staircases to the ceilings.
I have shared this with many young people who want to give up after one or two rejections.  Follow Meryl's advice and stick to your dreams!
Because any fifth-grader knows more about the world and the planets that fly around it than I do. this is a good picture to help picture how many earths would fit into the sun.
He's a pretty little fellow stuck with an uncomplimentary name by the bird experts who insist on calling him the "Common Jay." Hey, he can fly!  Can you?
The town clock in the town of Gap, PA, pleased me a lot because it showed the time quite accurately!
This is a wonderful, beautiful world.  Let's make it even better in 2017! Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!

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