Monday, December 19, 2016

"Hey boss..."

Cash with the Tennessee Three
Johnny Cash used to call his backup band The Tennessee Three, but with inflation, we now are proud to introduce you to The Tennessee Twenty!

You hear about this sort of thing all the time, but it really happened for this group of co-workers. They work for an auto parts manufacturing company in Portland, Tennessee, and for eight years, they've all been chipping in to buy Powerball lottery tickets so they could stop working for an auto parts manufacturing company in Portland, Tennessee.

And it finally paid off - bigly! Or bigleague, whatever he says. 

They handle sales and quality control at the auto parts North American Stamping Group manufacturing plant. And the twenty winners will all pocket just a little under $13 million each.

Even the woman who owns the cigarette store where the winning ticket was purchased gets $25,000 as a reward.

Amy O'Neal is the leader of the group, and she says, "We're supporting education, and we're supporting Tennessee." She says that among the 20, they figure that a circle of 500 people will wind up benefitting.  And, they are all planning to help the people affected by the horrible wildfires in Eastern Tenn.

She said the group is so tight, they have often travelled and vacationed together. They've been known to work 24 hours straight on projects...

Speaking of which...they aren't all breaking their necks to punch that time clock one last time, either, as I sure as heck would have been. 

More cash for the Tennessee Twenty
The majority of the 20 say they will stay on the job - for now - and at least stick around long enough to help hire and train replacements.

"We love that company," O'neal said. "I'm not planning on quitting ... [but] I might change my mind."

I've always thought that, for the price of your Powerball ticket, getting to dream about winning is part of the payoff. I used to fantasize about winning a ton of money and then going back to work without telling a soul, waiting until someone asked me to do something I didn't care to do, and then holding out my winning ticket and saying "Naah naah na naaaaaah nah!

Let's see...keep working or stay home and sleep on piles of dollar bills...what a choice!

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