Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, December 17, 2016

Today I thought we could share some last-minute holiday gift ideas.  The first few are if you like, do it yourself and share the joy!
You can buy these jars and paint them in festive colors! (Hint for my fellow cheapskates - some spaghetti sauces come in real Mason or Ball jars, so you get a meal first and then you make the gift!)
This is always popular - homemade potpourri.  Print out this card and attach it and the recipient can always make some more!
Nice presentation.
And then, for those who don't feel inclined to make their own gifts, there are gifts to buy...such as the amazing Sushi Bazooka! At last, a use for all that dried seaweed and sticky rice!
Please DO NOT forget to give the teachers in your lives, and your kids' lives, a nice little sumpin' for the holidays.  If you've ever stepped into a classroom and stayed for five minutes, you know they deserve it!
This is perfect for the baker in your life.  Make the batter and bake yourself a little cupcake too!  No more wondering how it tastes, and no more waiting to taste.
Please listen to me.  There is not a man alive who doesn't want, or can't use, a Leatherman tool or a Swiss Army Knife.  Even if they already have one or the other, they need another one.  Trust me.

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