Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, December 10, 2016

Long since her death (1962), Marilyn Monroe continues to enchant us, and we find new ways to recreate her magic image.
"Highway to the moon? Sure?  Take the interstate down to where the sun meets Saturn, and turn left."
Today's Special - salmon and veggies!
The other night, NBC TV presented a new live version of the "Hairspray" story, which centered on a Baltimore teen dance show with a segregated audience.  All this occurred when I was a Baltimore pre-teen, and so I have enjoyed every version of the John Water story (1988 movie, 2007 musical movie, and this) very much. 
From the original movie: Divine as Edna and Ricki Lake as Tracy. Divine went to my high school when he was still known as Harris Glenn Milstead. Divine was the best of the Ednas, for my money, while the young lady on the show this week, Maddie Baillio, played the best Tracy.  Just my opinion.
Christmas cookies? Make mine chocolate chip, please.
This could be a picture to use in a contest called "Write An Essay About What's Happening Here."  She has clearly been a participant in a recent wedding, and after that, it's anyone's guess.
They call this "pancake ice" and it would seem to be a regular sight in Antarctica. Do these little tiny icebergs suddenly merge and become giant sheets of ice the size of Nebraska?

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