Saturday, August 6, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, August 6, 2016

At first I thought, this is someone re-using an old microwave as a mailbox. Clever. But then I looked again. There's a power cord running to it!  Could this be the mailbox of the most considerate person on earth - someone who put a microwave out there for the letter carrier so he or she could heat up a Hot Pocket for lunch, and then leave the grocery fliers, PEOPLE magazine and dentist bills behind?
You know Popeye, the sailor man from the comics and future fried chicken magnate?  Well, say hello to Frank Fiegel, the real-life sailor on whom the character was based!  He was strong to the finish, it was said, because he always ate his spinach.
There was some sort of nationwide poll taken among fans of all the major league baseball teams, and guess whose hat is the most popular of them all?  O-R-I-O-L-E-S!
You are here. (spot your place in the world)
Here's one you can use for a wallpaper if you wish...the sun, the clouds, the bay...
Come on over and get lit at the annual Thailand Lantern festival!
While you and I were sleeping, eating breakfast and reading the paper, this random stranger poured ten billion salt crystals on a black surface and rearranged them to look like Alfred Einstein.
Before we go...this is the look of the damage done in Ellicott City, Maryland a week ago by a sudden thunderstorm that tossed over six inches of rain on a flood-prone town. They will rebuild it again.

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