Saturday, August 27, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, August 27, 2016

I love Lucy's hometown of Celeron, New York, because their first attempt at memorializing the great Lucille Ball turned out looking more like a deranged Andy Griffith (right.)  But they asked for another chance, and another sculptor did a great job (left).
Yes, people in remote African villages still balance things on their heads like this, and I can't even carry a mug of tea upstairs without spilling something.  
More than a million people gathered in Istanbul for an event led by President Erdo─čan, following last month's failed military insurrection.  I don't care for big crowds, and this must have been the biggest since the Adele concerts last summer.

Hello, all your Pokemon trainers!  Here's a rare sighting of ComeoninIwannagrillya!
This kind of contest didn't just start last week, you know...
He's rare and he's back in the ocean!  Rather than steam this blue lobster, caught off Cape Cod, the fisherman tossed him back into the briny deep.  If he had been netted in New Jersey, he would be dinner tonight.
A little philosophy for a Saturday morning.  Happy doesn't start with an "H," it starts with "U."
More philosophy for you...this Galapagos Island resident lived to be 100 years of age, because he took his time doing things!

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