Thursday, July 9, 2015

Don't waste the gift

It's funny how life works.  Funny and kind of sad, sometimes.

I've known so many people who wanted to have children and had all sorts of trouble getting to be parents.  It's great that we have in vitro fertilization and other means of assisting the stork these days, but still, many who yearn for a family full of kids running around the house in their socks have to do without.

There are ways to compensate, I'm sure, and most people learn to accept life the way it comes to them.  How great would it be if everyone got everything they wanted, and if everyone could be happy and content?  It doesn't seem to be in the cards for all of us, though, and that makes me sad.

On the other hand, there are people who are blessed with children, and here's how they treat them...they put them out of their car along a roadside, in their little infant carrier.

Sandra Clara McClary, no stranger to the Maryland judicial system, was charged with child neglect and reckless endangerment by Anne Arundel County police.  She is the mother of a baby girl found apparently abandoned on the side of Druid Hill Road in that county this past weekend.

McClary and her child. AACO PD photos
After a preacher found the baby and someone called the police, the infant's picture was posted on social media, and Ms McClary called to say it was her child, and that the little girl's father was was supposed to have her, but neither of them knew where the child was, according to the police, who said they believe she removed the child from the vehicle and left her on the side of the road, police said.

And then, up in Maine, we read of the man who performed as a Disney character who so lightly regarded his own life that he used his head as a launch pad for a fireworks mortar tube.

It did not end well, unlike most other Disney stories.  22-year-old Devon Staples of Calais, Maine, who used to perform as Gaston, died instantly.

So, just to clear your head of all these horrible ways some people misuse and waste the most precious gift of all - life - here is a video that shows the love of a mother duck and how she frets about her ducklings as some kind firefighters save them from a drain.

Please click on that link and feel happy right away!  I love the look on the mother duck's face. Oh, if we could all look at each other with that much love and gratitude!

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