Tuesday, July 28, 2015

1, 2, 3!

Good things seem to come along "in pairs of three," as I once heard someone say.  Take little lists, chock full of advice.

Homer Simpson once shared with us this list of three sentences that will get you out of any situation at work:

  1. Great idea, Boss!
  2. Cover for me!
  3. It was like that when I got here!

Simpson & Simpson
And, never to be outdone, his son offered three handy phrases for anyone caught getting down with something or up to something:

  1. I didn't do it.
  2. Nobody saw me do it.
  3. You can't prove anything.
And for those who aspire to be CEOs and COOs and CMFs of airline companies, graciously quadrupling airfares between DC and NYC when there has been a tragic multifatal AMTRAK collision that shut down the trains, here you go. Michael E. Raynor and Mumtaz Ahmed wrote a book entitled The Three Rules: How Exceptional Companies Think, and from them we learn how to make a bundle in the marketplace:

1. Better before cheaper. In other words, don’t compete on price.

2. Revenue before cost. Profits need to come from price and volume, not cost-cutting.

3. There are no other rules.

Oh, but there are.  Three more hints, and then I'm off to do whatever today, as I wish you a happy one too!  Jean Shepherd, radio raconteur best known today for writing "A Christmas Story," said that with just three sentences, you can carry on a conversation with anyone about anything, especially someone who is going on and on about something. So, take these with you today, and be ready:

  1. "Beats me!"
  2. "That'll be the day!"
  3. "I'll be damned!"

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