Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, July 12, 2014

You need to hydrate all year long, and it's never more important than it is in summertime.  Peggy was out front watering the hydrangea one time and the newspaper delivery guy asked if he could have a turn at the hose.  She turned it over to him and he guzzled like Ahab's camel Clyde.  Hose water is not the gourmet choice, but it's still wet and it gets cool enough if you let it run awhile. This person is very kind to share their water this way.
This is the final stage of a mural that someone painted on their child's bedroom wall.  They projected the original Calvin and Hobbes artwork onto the wall to make a pencil outline, and then filled in the colors with watered-down acrylic paints.  I just hope they never move, or they will want to remove the entire bedroom wall.
I have a friend from work who once donated a couple of feet of her stunning red hair to Locks Of Love, the outfit that makes wigs of donated human hair for cancer victims who have lost their own. My friend got the loveliest note from a young lady who was then able to walk around without being stared at, and she was kindly appreciative.  The woman pictured here gave up 17" of beautiful blondeness, and says she is getting criticized for her new hairdid.  I think it looks fine either way and I have to shake my head if her friends know why she got it cut and still run her down.
 You remember "Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen, right?  Well, say hi to the surfin' llama, and please call him a "yama" instead of a "lama" unless you also agree to say "torTILLa" instead of "torTEEya."  "LL" is a letter all to itself in Spanish.
 How about this rusty old '61 Chevy in an auto waste yard?  Some sort of Buick - maybe an old Special - is in the left foreground and that looks like a Pontiac Bonneville from about 1966 or so. What makes this different is, this is a RUSSIAN auto wasteland!
I saw this tip someplace and pass it along out of my love for reusing things and for preventing thefts.  Take your old bottle of sunblock, wash it out thoroughly and use it as a beach safe, putting keys, money, cell etc in it while you frolic in the waves.  I also saw someone recommend hiding your essentials in a diaper and sealing it in a beach bag, on the grounds that only a maniac would open up what appears to be a used diaper.

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