Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Too early for dis

I like to get up early, catch up on the news, gobble some muesli, guzzle some tea.

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"The Duke Of Prunes"
These days, the muesli and the tea go down much more smoothly than does the news.  Just yesterday, in one burst of news, I was told that I live - we ALL live - in a world in which New York cops and firefighters got together for a hockey game for charity, and a huge fracas broke out...students at the U of Kaintucky decided that the best way to celebrate winning the semi-final basketball game was so set fire to 80 couches...students at the U of Cali Santa Barbara decided that the best way to celebrate spring break was to hit a police officer in the face with a backpack full of full bottles, and then riot over it when the cop took exception to their "youthful indiscretion"...gun enthusiast Oscar Pistorius took a break from vomiting on the stand long enough to cry on the stand with his lachrymose apology to the parents of the young woman he shot to death...Mickey Rooney died, having been in show business since 1922, and the radio newsman said he achieved "great fame playing Andy Hardy in the 'Hardy Boys' movies" - which may have been the only movies without him in the cast...some butthead threw a live cigarette butt into the mulch around the plants outside a banquet hall in Massachusetts, burning the place to the ground as wedding celebrants ran for for their lives..."country" singers sang with people like Shakira and soft rock relic Steve E. Nicks at the Academy of "Country" Music awards show...and, saddest of all, as this horrifying spectacle unreeled before our eyes, America's eyes were averted toward Australia, all agog at the arrival of the Duke and Duchess, along with their son, the Duke of Snider.  I really have nothing against this young couple, but I think that being cast as entertainment figures on Entertainment Tonight and those other 7:30 shows reduces the majesty of Their Majesties.

As Mr Zappa said in "Brown Shoes Don't Make It, "Do you love it? Do you hate it? There it is . . .The way you made it . . ."

Tomorrow's news will be better.  It has to be.  It always is. 

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