Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sometimes you Schwinn, sometimes you get all Huffy

I've told you before that, of the 23 counties and one independent city that comprise the merry state of Maryland, Anne Arundel County is consistently the one subdivision where the funniest stuff happens. I don't know why, but you have to give it up for a county that has a delegate to the state legislature, one Don Dwyer,  cooling his heels in the county hoosegow on weekends these days because of his DWI convictions (yes, plural.)  Last weekend, as his fellow senators and delegates approached the end of their 90-day term, they had to do without him voting on Saturday.

But he said he hopes the end of his term will come soon too.

Still at large, but a good candidate to occupy a cell near the one that DWIer (couldn't resist) is the guy who held up a branch of the Bay Bank
Here's where he got the idea
, in Severn, down near the US Naval Academy, and then made his escape on a bicycle.

A bicycle which he later abandoned on a nearby parking lot.

The local branch of the Ecology Club is preparing a plaque for him, in recognition of his public-spiritedness and interest in reducing the carbon footprint of society.  They just need to know his name.

Speaking of footprints...

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