Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Saturday Picture Show, April 5, 2014

This week, in response to public demand, SIX photos, not just four!  And still at the low, low Castles Made of Sand price of absolutely free!
I don't often sneak pictures of nekkid ladies on here, but this is rather clever.  It is not a bird, I'll tell you that right now.  Look closely!
The text I found with this picture said that in the Soviet Union there was a table for checking observation. Its name is "Entertaining table."  You're supposed to find the numbers sequentially from 1 to 90.  If you can get this chore accomplished in from 5-10 minutes, then you have exceptional powers of observation. 10-15 minutes - good. 15-20 minutes is average. 20-25 min - satisfactory.  There's no score for walking away mumbling, "And I need to do this, why, now?"
Eagle-eyed sports fans will recognize this as NOT being an official NY Yankees cap.  A guy with time on his hands, but not the 35 bucks they get for an official lid these days, got a black hat and hand-stitched the iconic NY logo.  That's all for "A Lot Of Work For Not A Lot Of Hat" for today; we'll see you next week, when a man from Cleveland will show us a new way to make a top hat out of Tupperware.
I like this idea and if we ever go anywhere again, I'll do it.  Cut those vacay photos into the shape of the state you were in and make a map!
One of the pet peeves that I inherited from my dad was the improper use of UPPER CASE in certain fonts.  You see a lot of people use all CAPS when they go for Olde English because they think it looks "classy."  Ask any olde English person and go upper and lower, please.  Another prime offender was Michael Jackson, who had an estate called "Neverland" after the Peter Pan story.  The ranch had 3,000 acres, a zoo, two railroads, a train station, and a sign that said "NEVERLAND" in a semi-script font that should never be used in all caps.
Poochie Dog here is, apparently, a Rolling Stones devotee, with a particular liking for the 1972 album "Exile on Main Street," the jacket of which featured a photo of a man with remarkably elastic lips:
And that makes 7 pictures and one song.  See you next week, when we'll take a look at the Romney family at work, at play, and shopping at KMart.  I have an exclusive photo called "Mitt needs new tube socks" that I think you will enjoy.

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