Thursday, August 29, 2013


There are acronyms that suggest laughter or amusement - TMI!  LOL!  OMG!  ROFLMAO!

There are acronyms used for measurement (MPH), for airports (BWI), for time zones (EST), for cable channels (MSNBC), and for brevity when ending messages (TTFN).

But the one you never want to see is the one above, LODD, the one that stands for Line Of Duty Death.

Baltimore County lost a police officer on Wednesday morning.  Officer Jason Schneider of the Tactical Unit was involved in serving a warrant for a man wanted for shootings in the Catonsville area, and after he entered the dwelling, was shot by a man.  Officer Schneider returned fire and the shooter
is now dead himself.

The Chief of Police and the County Executive spoke outside the Shock Trauma center downtown, the site of so many briefings of this sort over the years.  "During a well-prepared police event, Officer Schneider was killed in the line of duty and we deeply mourn his loss," the County Executive, Kevin Kamenetz, said. "I can only tell you that we don't always appreciate what our police do for us every day but it's times like this when we know how grateful we are for their bravery and their sacrifice."

Chief James W. Johnson said that Schneider was "a leader within that unit," and that "This is a terrible loss for Baltimore County."

Officer Schneider's police friends and family were quick to light up Facebook with memorial messages.  The word spread and the use of "LODD" was all over the pages.

It doesn't make any sense that a man who was not even the one being sought on a warrant was willing to take a life and lose his own in the process, taking away a public servant, a Marine veteran, a husband, father of two, brother, son, friend of many.  

They say it's not useful to try to figure these things out, that life goes on in its own pattern, and that we are better off to strap on our safety belts and hang on for the ride.  I guess that's right; I've spent years trying to figure out how and why some people can take a life or lives, and how the fates seem to conspire against a good man or woman, and how to answer the question "Why?"

I guess we need to add another acronym to the list.  SADS:   Such A Damned Shame.

Rest in peace, Officer Schneider, and may Heaven send comfort to your family.

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