Wednesday, July 25, 2012

See ya later

My two favorite things from Louisiana are still hot sauce and Britney Spears, and that doesn't seem likely to change after watching this video about a cat who lives at a place where people pay cash money to pile onto a pontoon boat and take off down the Louisiana Bayou to see alligators sunning themselves and climbing out of primordial ooze.

The hook on the video is that the cat, Mugsy, is a ferocious guardian of his own food and his own feline body, fending off attacks by these current-day dinosaurs on the shores of the bayou.  I watched the video with a certain horror, in dread of someday finding myself in the swamps, watching a cat slap an alligator silly.

Coming over for dinner
It looks humid and hot down there, and to anyone planning a fun vacay among the reptilia of the American Southeast, you go on ahead without me.  And remember, it is true that an alligator will not attack you while carrying a flashlight.  But it's rare to find an alligator who needs a flashlight.

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