Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Koda clones

We tend to forget that there has always been color in the world, because we see black and white movies and still photographs from our parents' day, and it's like color didn't exist until they perfected color tv.

Actually, they perfected color.  TV, not yet. 

But lookie here at these old color pictures from the 1940's.  It's fascinating to look back on the good old days in color.

Here's an example from that array that is timeless, because there's no way to tell a horse from the 1940s from one of today's hosses.  And guys who work on farms still tend to wear overalls and ball caps, so what's the diff?

Here's one that sort of cheers up the grammar nut in me, as it shows that the "you're/your" problem existed long before I born. "We cut pipes while your waiting," indeed!

And here's one that is dated, because you can see how old the cars are...but wouldn't it be fun to take a picnic to the Maryland State Fair and sit there behind the sideshows chomping down on sandwiches and chocolate cake that you brought from home?  While wearing a fedora? 

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