Friday, April 27, 2012

We all should live so long

He can't see anymore, doesn't hear too well, and is a man in a wheelchair.  But at the age of 101, Connie Marrero of Cuba is the oldest living former Major League ballplayer, so he's got that going for him.  What an honor!  You can read about it here

Conrado Eugenio Marrero Ramos was born on April 25, 2011, which makes him older than both Fenway Park and the Titanic.  He pitched for a long time in his native Cuba and did not make it to the American big leagues until he was 38.  He was one of those guys who threw "soft stuff" - curve balls, changeups and knucklers, and he did fairly well over five years with the Washington Senators before being released after the 1954 season. Marrero then returned to Cuba and was a coach for Cuban teams until he turned 80.

photos from "Newsday"
Now, at 101, he awaits a $20,000 payout that was granted to all the old time ballplayers who played before the pension system was set up.  But the money is being held up because of legal matters. Cuban banks don't allow for direct cash transfers, and the ballplayers' association won't allow giving the money to an intermediary.  But the association is working on getting the money to Marrero, who is living in the upstairs room of a relative's house. 

It says a lot about baseball's worldwide appeal that its oldest living former player is a Cuban who lives yet in Cuba.  I'm sure he could use that 20G and I hope it gets to him soon.

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