Saturday, April 7, 2012

Here we go!

Baltimore Orioles baseball season opened yesterday, and I'm writing this yesterday (see how that works?) so as I type, I have no idea how the game came out.  There will be 161 more games between now and the end of the season.

Chances are, the O's will lose more than 1/2 of those games... a lot more than 1/2.

Now, I enjoy winning as much as anyone, which is why the results of the last presidential election were so pleasing to me.  But when it comes to baseball, I am an Oriole rooter and a fan of the game itself. Football is more reliant on speed and physical brutality (especially in New Orleans), basketball has more to do with height than strategy, and hockey is all about the ability to slam a guy in the face with a stick while simultaneously ice skating.  Baseball is a game of thought and nuance, to me.

Again, I'd like it if the Orioles won more games, but as someone who had to learn to live without a pro football team for a long time, I would rather have a not-so-great team to root for than a team that moved to Indianapolis or something.

It pains me to see people, or, more specifically, hear people who proclaim that they would know better how to perform if they found themselves in another box: either the batter's box or the owner's.  Relax, let these people do what they do, and enjoy the game!

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