Monday, November 7, 2011

Yes, your "honor"

The smug mug you see here is that of William Adams, from all the way down in Aransas County, Texas. This good old boy took the notion that beating his daughter, who just happens to live with ataxic cerebral palsy, and got caught downloading music and games from an illegal internet web site in 2004, was an appropriate response. She was 16 then, and clearly, some punishment was called for, we can all agree.  Something like, I don't know, grounding her, taking her internet access away, taking her iPod and loading it up with Celine Dion music, something like that sound ok?

Her redneck daddy took another tack.  What he did was, he went into her room with a belt and whipped her with it for seven minutes.  

What he didn't know, but surely knows now, is that his daughter was recording the entire whuppin' on a video camera. d'OH! Here's the video and the report on the Today show with Matt Lauer.

All this took place, like I say, in 2004 and has only come to light in the past couple of weeks.  Adams's daughter, Hillary, has held onto the video for all these years and now has come forward with it, in an effort to get her father some help. 

I guess I should mention here that this goober is JUDGE William Adams.  Hizzoner resides on the bench down there in the Lone Star State, along with George W Bush and Rick Perry. What is going on down there?  My cousin lives in San Antonio, so I know there are pockets of sanity in Texas, but really!  Beating a child - not to mention one with a medical condition - rises past the "goofy" level and registers purt near the criminal.  

No, I never had any children but that doesn't matter.  I never picked cotton, never been to Spain, never gonna give you up, never can say goodbye. I know that brutality is not the answer to any problem.  In fact, the more I think about this, the more I think it's a good thing that this big tough was seen packing up his vital Texas stuff: bags, a briefcase, clothes and rifles, and vamoosin' outta town the other day.

His wife, who was there and was complicit in the assault - that's what it was - on their daughter, since divorced this Judge Dreadful and is speaking out, now that her daughter found the strength to go public.  At the very least, she will get his stupid sick mind off the bench, so maybe people in that county will receive justice from a sane person.

And maybe he will be charged and convicted and incarcerated.  I'm all for that. Take his belt away, though.

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