Monday, November 21, 2011

Puttin' the "G" in "Gee Whiz!"

Look at those eyes...
Well here it is Monday, and chances are that in church yesterday you did not hear about a new Jesus among us.  Yet, there are those who claim to be the new Him.  

There always are people claiming to be something. This guy who shot a high-powered rifle at the White House, this Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, sent a tape to Oprah Winfrey, in which he claims he is the “modern day Jesus Christ.”
“You see Oprah, there is still so much more that God needs me to express to the world. It’s not just a coincident that I look like Jesus. I am the modern day Jesus Christ that you all have been waiting for,” Ortega-Hernandez says in a video shown on WTTG Fox 5 in DC.

There was a time that a person wishing to be recognized as the New Jesus would have sought out the religious or spiritual leaders of the day for their stamp of approval, but this guy, even though some of the cheese has clearly fallen off his cracker, knew enough to go to Oprah.
He didn't know enough to spell "coincidence," but I guess I'm the only one bothered by that. I mean, the people around him knew that he was saying that the world was going to end soon, and that he hated the president because he thought that Mr Obama was going to implant microchips in children, but they didn't see anything wrong with him having high-powered weaponry. He comes from Idaho, where, I guess, you need an AK47 handy in case an elk crosses your path or something.  I don't know.

Meanwhile, out in Denver, Tim Tebow, the quarterback from Florida who cried when his team lost a football game to Alabama during his college days has turned pro with the Broncos.  The team started off 0-3, so they put Tebow in, wisely figuring that they couldn't do any worse.  Since then, the team is 4-1, and his most recent display took place on Thursday night, when he beat the Jets in the last minute by running for a TD.  

It's said that Tebow is a devout young man, Christian and pure.  In their idolatry, the fans in the Mile High City are ordering copies of the Broncos jersey (widely regarded as the ugliest uniform ever) with his #15, but with the name "JESUS" on the back.

As if!

Tebow told the Denver POST, "I don't know what to think about that because I don't know where people's hearts are. It's important to not judge without knowing their hearts. If their heart is to honor the Lord, then it's a good thing. Only God can judge because only God knows what's truly in a person's heart."

I would have hoped for a touch of modesty, for him to say, "What? Compare me to the Lord?  Oh come on, now!" 

I rarely get what I hope for in these matters, though.

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