Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Saturday Picture Show, May 12, 2018

Nature works out the best color leaves over bluebells!
I wish I could find wallpaper like this; I would slather it all over my den walls. This is the checkout card from a library book recently returned to Baltimore's Enoch Pratt Free Library during a no-fine amnesty period. I note with delight that this book was due two months before I was.
The Orioles greet players who just hit a home run with a shower of sunflower seeds. Seen bathing here is Manny Machado, who very well may be hitting homers elsewhere by the end of the season. The Charlie Sheen lookalike behind him is Trey Mancini.
If you look long enough, you can find instructions for just about anything. F'rinstance, here's a chart showing you how to rub your ankle. Next week: Scratching your forehead!
Sure, they are one of the ten smallest countries in the world, but every country needs armed forces. Here is the Royal Air Force of Liechtenstein out on maneuvers.
After many years, and repeated instances of spectators falling asleep during games, the people in charge of soccer have finally found a way to make the game interesting. New rules include all players on both teams wearing identical uniforms, and using three balls at once.  Now you've caught my interest!
Year after year, American agricultural technology makes sure we lead the world in crop art.
I felt bad for Burger King the other day when I wrote about the man who had eaten 30,000 of McD's famous Big Macs, so here's some wry humor from the Home Of The Whopper, with hopes that no one driving a 9' 1" truck wants one.

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