Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, June 18, 2016

I have friends who work in the retail world and tell me this is a real-life problem...people who run into their store for some sunblock or Cheetos or a blunt and peel money out of their bikini top or whatever covers their nether regions, still dripping from the waters of the bay, ocean or pool.  Then you put that money in the till and at the end of the shift you have a pile of ones that's like particle board, all glued together.  Trust me, any money I hand you will be dry...and dusty.
Welcome to Thessaloniki, second largest city in Greece.  Looks like if you set out to meet the neighbors, you'd be a long long time getting that done
As a nation, we were all told that "someday a machine will come along and do your job."  And so, in our minds, we imbued the machines with human features, characteristics and feelings.  That self-checkout down at the Try 'N' Shop talks to me like she knows me, but it's all a front.
Let me know when you see the human being in this picture.
I like carrots and Trader Joe's has the really colorful ones. They make great snacks!
This is a house in Turkey with a nice covered outdoor eating area. Not that I would move to Turkey, but who knows?
Velveeta for 68¢ for the 2-lb log! Chunk Bologna, 28¢/lb.  Wash it all down with Kool-Aid (3¢/pkg) and ice cream for dessert! ($1.39!) Good times back in the day at Cut/Low!
A guy has his laptop set to take a picture and send it to his phone if someone makes three unsuccessful attempts to log on.  Here is the photo he got of the culprit.  Yes it looks like our Eddie, but she will not wear a collar so she's off the hook.

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