Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Saturday Picture Show, June 11, 2016

I can't verify anything about this picture; I saw it online and found it stunning that someone would drive their car over the graves of others at a cemetery. The car belongs to someone in Maryland, but my hope is that someone from a really bad state borrowed it to do this stupid thing.
If you haven't tried tossing some fresh kale in a sauté  pan with some olive oil and bacon bits, I urge you to try it soon.
My first crush, and the suntan goo my mom insisted on slathering all over me.  I can still remember the smell of Coppertone from the days when I would be brown as a berry by this time of year.
There was a time when people had bad breath and body stank. Thanks to modern health and beauty aids, we now can smell just fine. Imagine how popular we would have been had we not smelled so awful.
Peggy and I went up to visit the little town of Chesapeake City, MD, pictured here. A lady told us that just before World War II, a German freighter ran into the old bridge that connected the village to the other side of the C&D Canal, a waterway that connects Philadelphia to the great oceans and seas.  So it was like three years before they built this new bridge, and they had to get back and forth on a ferry.
Keep this guy in mind when you quit a bad habit.
And you wonder why you're waiting for three hours in a TSA line, and you see that one of your fellow citizens checked in a stick for luggage.
If you think the dials and gauges on your new SUV are a lot to handle as you cruise along, check the "dashboard" on the SR-71 US Air Force reconnaissance (spy) plane.

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