Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why should I have to prove I'm not a robot?

You go to comment on someone's blog, and you have to fill out a little quiz...
So you have to type the two words that aren't really words so that the computer knows you are human.  I can't for the life of me believe that the computer world needs to monitor comments being made to a site that shares recipes for lasagna made in cupcake tins, but whatever.

I think, and this is just I saying this, but I firmly believe that there are people behind this...somewhere they sit and come up with words for us to type, and change our passwords while we sleep.  And then when we write back and say we forgot our password, they come up with our new password:


and send that to us, inviting us to change it to something else...if we dare.

I see a world in which we all have one password, good for all our sites.  And then, one grocery store card, good at all grocery stores.  I almost need a new pocket down at the knees to carry all of them around.


Kristen said...

I *think* there is a device that carries all your savings club cards, but 1) I think you have to pay for it and 2) I'm pretty sure I just dreamed it because that doesn't sound possible now that I typed it out.

And I HATE the robot thing. When I comment from my wordpress account on blogger, it never loads right. Or maybe I am a robot, who knows.

word ver for this comment: evidired martside

Mark said...

Evidired martside sort of sounds Ikea-ish, ya?