Thursday, March 1, 2012

Taylor-Made Joy

I'm telling you right here and now, Taylor Swift turns out to be everything she seemed - and more.  I am fascinated with her and the way the younger people with vulnerable hearts are so touched by her music, and the way she genuinely cares for her fans and the world at large.  If she were faking it, she would have slipped up somehow by now, and there would have been tabloid coverage of her wild bacchanalian nights with noted Hollywood swingers like David Duchovny or something. 

But old Taylor has been in the public eye for, what, four years now, and never is there anything about her that doesn't seem pure and good and wholesome.  And her songs!  Who hasn't been ranked out by someone being "Mean," and who hasn't cried out in anguish, "You Belong With Me" to that elusive inamorata?  She speaks for a generation, and that generation spans a lot of ages.

Not that I pretend to be objective anyway about anything,  but I frankly adore Taylor Swift for her goodness and her songs and the way she lives.  And never more so than last weekend, when she replied to a young man with leukemia who had asked her via Facebook to be his prom date.  No, sorry, she was busy on prom night, she answered...but would he like to be her date for the Academy of Country Music Awards in April?

Say what you will about Taylor.  You might not like her kind of music, but the world needs more people with her kind of heart.

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