Monday, February 28, 2011

Coming to CBS this fall: "2.0 Men"!

And here we were, thinking that God was in heaven, when all along, our deities walk among us, knowing what to think, do or say in any conceivable situation.

" 'They' want to be married and live their lives together in wedded bliss!"

"It's just not right; it's a sin against God and mankind!"

"For Heaven's sake, won't someone think of the children!"

(Don't you love it when someone on this earthly plane speaks authoritatively for God above?)

These things and plenty more less worthy of repetition were heard all across the land...this land, the land of the free and the brave...where equal opportunity reigns...and all are imbued at birth with life, liberty and the pursuit of 1967, when there were still sixteen (16) states in this here union that did not allow interracial marriage.

You must remember this...a kiss is still a kiss. There was a Maryland Board of Film Censors, and a feisty woman named Mary Avara sat there all day long watching movies with titles ranging from "Lawrence of Arabia" to "Florence Does Arabia," and then deciding what people could pay to see down at the neighborhood theater.  

It was in those days that former Baltimore City Councilman Dominic "Mimi" DiPietro sought to ban peep shows from The Block, our world-famous entertainment zone with strippers and G-strings, on the grounds that "You got all those guys going in there, degenerating all over the place."

And all across the nation, just under a third of the states did now allow people to marry outside of their own race.  I wonder just who was in charge of deciding who was to be placed in which in those war movies, when the tough sergeant called out the names of all his soldiers who were going to help him recapture Meatloaf Hill..."Kowalsky!  O'Brien! Jimenez! Garçon! Schneckengruber! Wong! Kutchakokov! Gandhi!  Let's GOOOOOOOOOOO!"

I mean, was there some bureaucrat sitting in an office somewhere saying, "OK, you two are white enough/African-American enough/Asian enough to be married here" ?

Was there some sort of written test?

Did Chuck Barris have a game show called "So, You Claim to be of The Same Race!" ?

I kid, because I love.  This all seems silly now.  We don't care who marries whom. It is none of our business if Mr Kowalsky marries Ms Wong, right?

So how is it our business if Mr Kowalsky marries Mr Wong?

Thanks, and now let's get back to "So, You Want to Overthrow a Middle Eastern Dictator!"


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