Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Here Comes Autumn

And why do we not have a lot of songs saluting Autumn?  There are over 15 million songs about how great Summer supposedly is, and yet I heard 15 million complaints this Summer about how hot it was (approximately 15 million degrees.)

It's over, as of 11-something PM tonight.  Then fall begins, with the pretty leaves and cooler air and nice breezes and a nip in the air that means it's time to put on a hoodie.  Halloween, Veterans' Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving...all Fall stuff. 

So come on, songwriters!  How about a hit song about how great it is to ride into the blazing orange and brown woods with a jacket on while listening to college football and hearing something crunch beneath your feet besides beer cans?

'Cause it's Autumn....autumn time is here....

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