Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rated X

Mr Letterman, when speaking of letters, will tell you that words with the letter 'k' are funnier than those without it; hence "Kenny" is his go-to name for laughs, more so than "Horace."

I have an aversion to words with the "x" in them, except, of course for S-E-X. Jinxed, hexed,vexed,exhausted...all are things that I wish not to be. Using "X" words tends to bring me bad luck.

So I hope I'm not putting the old whammy on myself when I say the longer I live on my street, the more I appreciate my neighbors, when I read about what goes on where other people live.

No one on our street sees fit to raise pythons, breed pit bulls, operate motor vehicles like

Bigfoot , have parties with the same attendance and sound level as Woodstock, bang on my door at all hours asking that I purchase raffle tickets for their kid's soccer team / drum & bugle corps / senior trip to Graceland, have their Cousin Eddie park his RV on the street and empty the septic system into the storm drain, have dogs that howl like coyotes all night long, fail to shovel their portion of the sidewalk after a snowfall, or allow their yard to become overgrown and resemble the Serengeti, complete with wildebeests.
This is no Hoax! Oh no.
Thanks, neighbors. The more I watch the news, the more I love you all.

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Ralph said...

Excitingly exquisite!